Loygo builds a decentralised Platform for establishing a new relationship between companies and customers around sustainability…a new mechanism for creating loyalty around sustainability where value is exchanged through a universal token recording good deeds

With the LGO token we have created an universal metrics where every user has a wallet where every good deed, for example an hour of volunteering work or staying at a verified sustainable business (a restaurant or a hotel) is recorded, tracked with the security of the block chain in the wallet where the personal data is perfectly safe. These tokens can be used to purchase goods and services in the marketplace at a discounted price from the Loygo platform uniting businesses that want to prove their sustainability directly to their customers. Our users will be able to exchange these non fungible tokens for a certain amount of generic reward tokens. Thus, we create a loyalty program around sustainability!

Companies will be able to demonstrate  their sustainability directly to their customers in a fully transparent and revolutionary way through recognising the LGO token and rewarding the social impact doers with DISCOUNTS. Thus, our concept creates a win/win proposition: people will be stimulated to do more and more good deeds and will be rewarded, while businesses will be able to continuously prove their sustainability to their customers by directly rewarding them for their social impact activities. Companies will create loyalty, retention and consumer engagement, leading to increased sales and profits.

The Blockchain based reward system will distribute LGO tokens based on the individual record of social impact as recorded by a non fungible token.

Blockchain will allow instant redemption of reward points across platforms, fees reduction for merchants, more secure environment and making the process near real time. In addition, rewards on the blockchain will occur in the form of tokens with no breakage. As these tokens have a real value, users have many more opportunities to interact with their rewards and brands do not need to account for them. Finally, customers do not have to trust brands to know if their data is privately stored. The blockchain ecosystem is trustless.


Loygo’s goal is an ecosystem where social impact data is used efficiently by all stakeholders and users are rewarded fairly. It consists of three pillars: the Loygo wallet, the marketplace and the Loygo platform for social impact travel experiences.

A free MOBILE APP that will
  • Connect users to verified NGOs with a rich database of social impact missions, charitable causes and corporate volunteering
  • Register users’ social impact deeds and renewable assets

The Loygo DIGITAL WALLET AND USER REWARD MECHANISM are at the core of the Loygo ecosystem. Loygo wallet functions as an entry to the ecosystem and allows users to create their profile, fill in their data regarding social impact and connect with other users of the platform. The individual data submitted via Loygo wallet will be accessible to its users and can be viewed or shared by storing a permission on blockchain. LGO tokens are awarded to user’s registered wallet based on his/her social impact deeds as measured by the volunteering hours. Each token will contain the necessary data to create a precise picture of what was performed, where, when and what was the final impact. The rewards issued by market players interested in having direct access to Loygo digital wallet users will be in a form of discounts. Businesses will be able to state their sustainability values and to reward users that contribute to their achievement.


The next step in the Loygo ecosystem is to enable users to spend tokens to receive rewards in the form of discounts from companies that want to prove their sustainability. Everyone owning tokens will receive discounts and products from our partners: airlines, hotels, etc. Thus, companies will be able to turn their consumers on a mass scale into sustainability ambassadors.

Loygo Token TOKEN

There will be tree type of tokens:

An equity token which can be rewarded during the private sale to accredited investors and depending on the legal climate also during the public sale to the public
A non-fungible token which is a universal token with two qualities: a qualitative data record of time stamped activities representing social impact deeds consistent with the UN 17 Sustainability goas and quantitative information representing amount of volunteering hours
The LGO token which is the reward token issued by our platform but managed in a decentralized way (third parties can issue reward tokens to distribute to individual users based on their non fungible tokens).

Our Roadmap RoadMap

November 2018 Product development

Definition of a strong strategy and clear mission and vision statement, defining clearcut target customer segmentations, mapping customer needs, examining existing competition and best practices

December 2018

Designing the main functionalities of the platform, including the website and the beta version of the mobile application.

March 2019 Prototype released

First release of the prototype and the beta-version to certain strategic partners and a selective audience will be performed

November 2019/20

The extra functionalities will be added to the platform and the user base and strategic partnerships will be scaled up according to the organic growth rate.

Powered by a Team Team

Loygo team consists of high performing and experienced professionals from multiple disciplines coming together with one common goal: to establish a new mechanism for creating loyalty around sustainability

CEO and Co-founder of Loygo Lausanne, Switzerland

Vera Moreva

CEO and Co-founder of Loygo

Lausanne, Switzerland

LL.M in International Commercial Law from the University of Lausanne. Legal and business expert with more than 7 years of experience in various international companies. She worked mainly on preparing and adapting legal and business strategies for approaching markets/clients, managing market data, and intelligence, mapping customers needs and formulating convincing and self-explanatory customer value propositions in highly regulated sectors. Vera has acquired in-depth expertise in drafting, coordinating and negotiating complex commercial agreements in various roles while working at SMBs and large institutions such as WIPO and Nestlé HQ in Switzerland.

CTO and Co-founder of Loygo

Tim Gugov

CTO and Co-founder of Loygo

Lausanne, Switzerland

Ph.D. Stanford University. Digital Strategy & Marketing from IMD business school in Lausanne.15+ years as a senior business leader and technology advisor, executive and entrepreneur. Bain & Co management consultant in Silicon Valley. Advised Fortune 500 companies on business strategy, innovation, M&A, disruptive technologies, digital transformation. Led Strategy & M&A for Pepsi in Europe, Alcan in Geneva, NextEra Energy in Miami. Integrative perspective of the Blockchain ecosystem, having led projects in FinTech, MedTech, Media, Sports, Automotive and Luxury (Swiss watch sector). Last corporate role was as the Director of the Digital Services BU for a Swiss global security company.

Chief Business Development Officer & Co-founder of Loygo

Anastassia Gogunova

Chief Business Development Officer & Co-founder of Loygo

Lausanne, Switzerland

Sustainability and business development expert. A versatile professional with an extensive experience gained in a variety of sectors, including HR, linguistics, risk compliance, HNWI and environmental engineering. Volunteered for several international NGOs such as Carrefour de la Solidarité, Save the Children, as well as a permaculture association in Tanzania. Yoga and meditation teacher in spare time, environmentalist and an active supporter of eco and vegan lifestyles.

Chief Software and Blockchain Developer and Co-founder of Loygo

Martin Tonev

Chief Software and Blockchain Developer and Co-founder of Loygo

10+ years of experience in web development in corporate, freelance and start-up environment. Expert in Solidity, Blockchain, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, WordPress. Martin is a participant in a number of successful startups He is passionate about creating innovative products and delivering results according to the highest standards.

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